How to ensure healthy nutrition for your children

Your children are your life’s treasures. They need you to take good care of them. One way is to ensure that they are always healthy. However, there are some instances when feeding your children healthy nutrition in foods can be quite a challenge. It’s hard to encourage your kids to eat the right kind of food all the while, but to make it easier especially for them, if you can serve plenty of variety and colour.

As parents, you need to continuously come up with inventive healthy recipes that your kids will look forward to and are also very enjoyable. To help you with your dish choices you need to know what food groups to serve your children. The “food plate” will guide you as to what is a recommended serving, in what certain food group, and what combinations to serve your children. When picking out healthy recipes, it is important that you always remember that kids are generally very choosy, so consider what different foods they all like.

Because of their growing years, they need healthy nutrition including proteins and carbohydrates for energy. It is important that you do not stuff them with junk food. Also there are varied opinions about whether health drinks served with milk really provide the necessary nutrients. In fact milk is best and needed by children till they are 1 year old. After this, you should leave the choice to them. Include a lot of curds, flavored yoghurts, puddings, which are much more healthy and filling too.

For mid-evening snacks, avoid canned and packaged fried food which contains color and preservatives. Instead prefer fresh foods like different types of dosas (you can use different kinds of flour to ensure variety). You can incorporate brown bread sandwiches, include cheese, paneer, or salads. If you are non-veg, you can go ahead and consume egg, chicken in these sandwiches as well. You can have roasted nuts like chana, peanuts, cashews, almonds. You can also have jaggery based products like nougat, chikkis. you can also give parathas, milk shakes, fresh fruit shakes. steamed items like idli, dhoklas, which are much more healthier than packaged foods.

Do yourself and your child a big favour and help them to build up a habit of healthy nutrition. Believe me it is a big worry to see your child growing up to be unhealthy!



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