Moving gradually into a diet plan to ensure weight loss

At your current weight and in your current lifestyle, your body is used to consuming a certain number of calories every day. The more you weigh, the more is your calorific requirement. For e.g. many people get used to eating a lot more than their actual food requirement.  This is commonly called as ‘binge eating’.

weight loss diet plan
weight loss diet plan

When a person decides to lose weight, typically he decides to cut down on food and start exercising. However in most instances, it is not possible to sustain this reduced food intake, as the body has got used to a certain number of calories every day. It makes sense to move from the current level of calories to the required calorie intake in a phased manner, which could range over a few weeks to a few months.  Drastic reductions can lead to serious energy and protein loss causing exhaustion and ill-health.  Such fad diets or yo-yo diets also re-bound and the person tends to put on weight at a more rapid pace.

A normal adult male requires about 2200 calories and a adult female requires about 1800 calories. You need to make a plan to get down to this level in a phased manner. It is important to make sure that you are able to sustain the diet that you undertake, even after weight loss.

Typically a person who is about 10-15 kgs overweight would be consuming at least 3000-3500 calories in a day. Through a structured nutrition plan, the focus should be to get this down to about 2200-2500 calories in about a month’s time.  Only then can the diet be sustained and a person is able to lose weight at the rate of around 4-6 kgs per month.



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  1. Very informative post. Overweight is a big problem in these days. 1 kg overweight also terrifies people because overweight causes diseases like diabetes,cancer. You must choose the appropriate diet plan according to your BMI and Basal Metabolic Rate of your system. So that you can reduce your weight in a healthy manner. Do exercises regularly and have more vegetables and fruits in your diet.
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