Will I lose weight – What’s the weight loss guarantee?

Amidst all the consumerism, people do look for guarantees in everything that they take on. Then how can weight loss be any different. If you happen to glance through some of the ads that appear in newspapers, magazines,there are all sorts of assurances and guarantees that are on offer. Does someone try and go behind this to find out — what happens if the desired outcome does not come true??

In the nutrition/weight loss world, this is very true as well. There are a host of agencies providing weight loss guarantee using a host of mechanisms, but has someone spent time to go down two levels deeper? .

Weight loss is a simple equation and we only aim to help people understand how the equation works.

1) Consume food, as per your lifestyle requirements and based on what fits your medical profile. Also don’t try to do something drastically different. Try and keep things simple. Eat what you like (with the limitations of calorific value of foods)

2) Be aware of the calorific value of the foods that you consume and try to balance your nutrition to curtail the total number of calorie intake to a certain maximum per day (We will need to arrive at this based on your current lifestyle, metabolism and medical profile)

3) Make sure that you burn your calories with some simple physical activity. Walking is just ideal and about 45 mins to 60 mins of walking 5 times a week should help you manage your objectives pretty well.

Maintaining a balance of all the three elements above is a tough challenge and this is what we nutritionists/dietitians work on helping you with. After all that’s what professionals in every field do (right?).

We provide you with alternate food groups and nutritional information that helps you make an intelligent choice and manage your objectives better. In some of my patients, initially weight loss is a bit of a challenge, but once the concept is understood, they never ask for any weight loss guarantees, because their weighing scale is already providing them with the weight loss guarantee.

Remember that fad diets or starvation will also help you lose weight, but it is not possible to sustain that diet,besides being unhealthy. It is important to follow a diet that suits your requirements, yet helps you achieve your objectives.



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