About Us

NutriConsult is the brainchild of Sushma Dhakappa, an established diet & nutrition consultant with over 13 years of experience in clinical consultation and managing different categories of patients. Sushma was associated with Dr. Vinod Dhurandhar’s Obesity clinic in Mumbai for over 8 years and she also has experience of managing her own practice for over 5 years apart from being associated with a few gyms.

With a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, Sushma has helped several patients manage their health and lifestyle better with smarter diets. Her ability to customize diets based on specific requirements of clients has been highly appreciated by many. Ongoing support in specific diet plans has allowed patients to tweak their diet plans, based on what works best for them.

As a part of her experience, Sushma has managed diet plans for several leading Bollywood celebrities, sports personalities and political heavyweights. With a keen interest in health and lifestyle, Sushma is also a certified fitness instructor.

Sushma has written several articles and also runs her own blog providing tips on embracing a healthy lifestyle. She has also contributed several unique recipes that keep your taste buds interested, yet help you maintain your fitness levels.

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