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Pregnancy Care Plan

During pregnancy, your child depends on you for all its nutrients! Overeating during pregnancy does not solve the problem, only makes you fatter.

Many expecting mothers end up putting on a lot more weight than desirable because of ad-hoc advice from relatives and friends. This also puts them at risk for hypertension, gestational diabetes and other complications related to pregnancy.

You need to plan a structured diet during your pregnancy, one which ensures that you and your child get sufficient nutrients, and yet allows you to maintain stable weight. Typically during pregnancy, it is normal for women to put on 10-12 kgs of excess weight, which can be shed after delivery.

Your customized pregnancy care plan will be charted, taking into consideration various factors including:

Focus on good quality proteins: The focus should be on consuming good quality proteins, so that you get all the necessary amino acids in proportionate quantities.

Focus on consuming foods rich in calcium, iron and other vitamins & minerals: Consuming milk and milk products, rich in calcium, green leafy vegetables for iron and vitamin B, meat products for vitamin B12 and folic acid.

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