How We Work
1. FREE Consultation

a. Understand our process
b. Resolve your queries
c. Help in choosing the right plan

2. Choose plans and make payment

a. Choose from our plans.
b. Make payment using any of the mechanisms available. All payments are to be made in advance and are non-refundable. We can send you a digital receipt by email or a physical receipt by courier
c. Send us a confirmation to once you make the payment with your Name, Mobile phone, Email and payment details.

3. Request your first paid appointment

a. We will fill in our patient record sheet and also understand your medical history.
b. We may advise medical investigations (if required) based on your family and personal medical history.
c. We will spend time to understand your current lifestyle, eating habits.
d. We will prepare a diet plan for 2 weeks and send it to you over email.
e. We will also send you a diet record sheet, that you are requested to maintain on a daily basis.
f. Follow-up appointments can be decided on mutual convenience.

Check our pricing plans.
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